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The Essential First Step – Introducing Our Fixed Fee Trade Mark Search, $495

By popular demand! Many small businesses have asked us for low-cost advice about whether they can successfully apply for a trade mark. It’s also a way to split the cost of trademarking your brand into two separate payments, over time. So we’ve created this special low-cost offer, which:

  • completes the first and most important step of your registration process
  • includes legal advice about whether your proposed trade mark meets the legal requirements
  • includes a thorough search (like a government trade mark examiner) for competing trade marks
  • if necessary, includes advice about refining your mark to improve its chances
  • prevents losing your non-refundable government fees due to easily-avoidable mistakes

A more detailed list of our various services and fees is set out below.

Detailed Schedule Of Services And Fees

All services and fees below include GST and any government charges.

A note about ‘classes’: trade marks are registered for specific goods and services, which are categorised into different classes. The Australian government charges a fee for each additional class, so the more classes you wish to register for, the more expensive your trade mark application will be.
  • Draft your trade mark




    This is generally up to the client, but we’re happy to provide a quote from a suitable graphic designer if you wish.

    Initial Consultancy




    We set aside half an hour to discuss trade mark issues, at no cost to you. Others charge more than $250 for this.

  • Search of trade mark register




    The same type of extended search for conflicting marks the trade mark examiner will do; helps you stop avoidable rejection and loss of fees after filing.

    Trade mark application




    Covers your government fees, legal advice, preparation and submission of legal documents, and representing you to the Trade Marks Office.

    Fixed fee package




    10% discount, for when you just want to get the payment out of the way and start immediately. Includes both your trade mark mark search and application. Your most competitive rate for standard applications in a single class. 

    Additional class




    In essence, gives you a second trade mark covering more extensive goods and services. But at a lower price. Includes the additional government fee and covers the extra work we will do for your application.

    TM Headstart




    Expedited service providing pre-filing assessment of the application. If a trade mark examiner objects, this gives you an opportunity (for an extra $150) to resubmit a different mark without losing your initial fee.

    Expedited application




    Add $1000 to the basic application to cover the urgent work / extra staffing we will do on your application, along with a higher government fee. In one class.

    Search – extended, (‘freedom to operate’)




    A thorough search for conflicting trade marks and unregistered ‘common law’ brands, in one class in Australia. Others will charge you more than $1000 for a full search of this nature.

    Search – additional class




    For extended searching in each additional class.

    Adverse reports – minor




    If the Trade Mark Office has minor questions or minor concerns about your application, we’ll handle it without invoicing you.

    Adverse reports – substantive




    If the Trade Mark Office has major questions or major concerns about your application, we’ll handle that too.

    Extension of time request




    Our administrative fee is $150, and the government fee is $100 per month of extension.

    Opposition procedures




    It’s relatively uncommon for a someone to oppose the registration of a trade mark. If it does happen, we’ll provide you a quote on a case-by-case basis.

    Overseas application




    For applications in other countries such as NZ, China or the USA we can provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.

  • IP strategy




    For advice on getting the most commercial benefit out of your trade mark(s), we can provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.

    Licensing / assignment / commercialisation




    Likewise, we’ll provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.

  • Monitor for infringement – per mark, per class, per jurisdiction




    The subscription is $40 per month, and includes a number of additional benefits.

    Address for service


    Unless you arrange otherwise, we provide an address for service, forward official correspondence and set up suitable reminders for you.

    Monitoring service subscribers




    We’ll waive your annual fee for this.





    Per annum.

    Amendments to official records


    Monitoring service subscribers




    We’ll waive your fee for this.





    Per item of correspondence we send.



    Monitoring service subscribers, one class




    We’ll waive your fee, but the government requires $400 per class.

    Non-subscribers, one class




    We will charge you a one-off fee on top of the government fee of $400 per class.

  • Statutory declarations – preparation




    Letter of demand




    For cases where you believe someone is infringing your trade mark.

    Letter of demand (response)




    For cases where someone else believes you are infringing their trade mark.

    General trade marks advice


    Hourly consulting fee for opening new matters.

    Monitoring service subscribers




    A bit more than 50% off our usual rate.





    Other services




    If something isn’t included on this Schedule of Fees, $250 is our starting point for negotiations when considering one-off tasks for existing clients.

    Hourly rate




    For difficult situations, and by prior written agreement. This won’t appear on your invoice by surprise.

    Urgent work premium


    + 50%


    By prior written agreement for tasks done at your direction, per our Terms of Engagement. Not added to government fees.

    Forex conversion fees




    On top of the underlying fee, per transaction.

    Travel expenses




    If you require this, we will provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.





    Any disbursements will be done only at your direction and then invoiced to you at cost.

    Australian Border Force enforcement of a trade mark




    If you have reason to be concerned about counterfeit imports, there are a number of things that can be done, and we will provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.

    Court actions (enforce or defend trade mark)




    Court actions are subject to solicitor / barrister fees, and while costs can vary widely you must assume they’ll be quite expensive. We will provide a quote on a case-by-case basis.


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