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Services and Fees

The Essential First Step – Introducing Our Fixed Fee Trade Mark Search, $495

By popular demand! Many small businesses have asked us for low-cost advice about whether they can successfully apply for a trade mark. It’s also a way to split the cost of trademarking your brand into two separate payments, over time. So we’ve created this special low-cost offer, which:

  • completes the first and most important step of your registration process
  • includes legal advice about whether your proposed trade mark meets the legal requirements
  • includes a thorough search (like a government trade mark examiner) for competing trade marks
  • if necessary, includes advice about refining your mark to improve its chances
  • prevents losing your non-refundable government fees due to easily-avoidable mistakes

A more detailed list of our various services and fees is set out below.

Detailed Schedule Of Services And Fees

All services and fees below include GST and any government charges.

A note about ‘classes’: trade marks are registered for specific goods and services, which are categorised into different classes. The Australian government charges a fee for each additional class, so the more classes you wish to register for, the more expensive your trade mark application will be.


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