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Amazon Brand Registry

Sellers – act now to avoid being kicked off Amazon

At present, another Amazon seller can trademark your brand and then stop you from using it on Amazon. How much would that cost you in lost sales? What would happen to your business?

That’s right – if you wanted to continue selling on Amazon, you’d have to start over from scratch.

So if you’re serious about making money on Amazon, then you must trademark your brand and enrol on the Amazon Brand Registry.

In this article, we’ll explain how the Amazon Brand Registry works, and provide some tips about dealing with the necessary trade mark issues.


The Amazon Brand Registry has become an essential service for serious Amazon sellers.

The most important benefit you’ll get is that it gives you much stronger protections from unethical competitors on Amazon.

However, to list your products on the Amazon Brand Registry, you must have a trade mark that’s been officially registered under law by one of Amazon’s designated government Trade Marks Offices.

The Australian Trade Marks Office is a particularly good option. Not just for local businesses but also for overseas Amazon sellers whose main concern is simply to meet the Brand Registry Requirement.

Trade mark registration in Australia is generally less expensive and often faster. You may also find that there is less competition for your brand names.

Here at Acorn Trade Mark Attorneys, we have created a special Amazon trade mark registration offer for businesses that want to enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Special trade mark offer: $499 plus government fees and tax. Avoid having your brand hijacked. Fight off Amazon copycats.

Simply tell us about the brand or logo you’d like to trademark, and we’ll get back to you with some advice about the best way forward.

So if you’re interested in registering a trade mark for the Amazon Brand Registry, please get in touch with one of our registered trade marks attorneys via the special offer contact form.

Details About The Amazon Brand Registry


If you’re planning to sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry, we can help with quick, easy and budget-friendly trade mark services in Australia. And if your only concern is getting on the Amazon Brand Registry, we’ve created special something just for you:

Special trade mark offer: $499 plus government fees and tax

If you’re trading abroad or considering an overseas expansion, our trade mark attorneys are also able to help you by searching the relevant trade mark databases and filing applications.

Naturally we’re willing to have a chat about any other questions you might have about trade mark searches. If so, fill in the form below, and we’ll get back to you directly.


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